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The first people-powered platform where you share health data, advance science & take part in the value created.


Leading Experts Endorse LunaDNA

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"LunaDNA is a social endeavor, putting people at the center. This makes it loud and clear that they are on our side – the people who have skin in the game - and this sets them apart."

Sharon Terry, President and CEO, Genetic Alliance
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"What's attractive about LunaDNA is that the platform is community-owned. So, you have confidence, as a data contributor, that you're being included in the rewards that come from the research."

Ashley Van Zeeland, Ph.D, VP, Product Development Business Operations and Systems Integration at Illumina, Former CTO at Human Longevity, Former Co-Founder Cypher Genomics
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"LunaDNA is the first commercial platform I’m aware of that will achieve the quality and quantity of genomics and health data needed for comprehensive breakthroughs in medicine. Being transparent and engaging the community in discovery activities is a critical component of success."

Aristides A.N. Patrinos, Ph.D, DOE Lead, Human Genome Project
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"There's no place in the health industry where the consumer is in the driver's seat. And what LunaDNA does is that. The whole business model is built with the consumer at the center."

Ed Yu, Former Partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers, Healthcare Practice
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"LunaDNA is bringing together a community of people who have an interest in their own genomic information and want to share that information with other people for its medical value. This will lead us to an era of greater understanding and discoveries in medicine."

David Barker, Ph.D, Former Chief Scientific Officer of Illumina
Researchers lack enough access to righ data

Discoveries Require Diverse Data

Medical breakthroughs and improving quality of life depend on comprehensive, real-world health data organized to support discovery. Today’s research data is not complete, not easily accessible, and not controlled by the data owner, you. At LunaDNA, we believe that you should always control your data, even as you contribute your health data to the advancement of science.

Help researchers accelerate discoveries to improve health.

Let's Reshape Research Together

Powered by transparency, individual control, and shared equity, LunaDNA is putting people first to bring true health states and rich uniqueness to research. The next evolution of medical discoveries depend on a collective community of data contributors. As research partners, we can all reshape research together by creating the scale and depth of information needed to make a real difference for the future of humanity.

Join us. It is safe and easy.

Our Commitment to You

You maintain control of your data. Your data is never shared outside of our closed platform. We ensure researchers only access data stripped of personal identifiers and that has passed our quality standards. As proceeds are earned from research studies, you share in financial rewards. We will be transparent in our business processes and ensure the highest standards of privacy and security.

Your Commitment to the Community

You are joining a community that is changing how health research is done. Your ongoing engagement with us and willingness to contribute health and lifestyle data over time is essential to create rich data for discovery. Together, we are making progress towards a healthier tomorrow.

Contribute your health and DNA data from the following types of sources

23 and me
ancestry dna
Family Tree DNA
My Heritage
DNA Files
Health Surveys
23 and me
ancestry dna
Family Tree DNA
My Heritage
DNA Files
Health Surveys

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